I’ve written a number of tools for XrmToolBox to help you work more efficiently with your Dynamics CRM/365/Dataverse instances. You can install them all free from the XrmToolBox tool store.


SQL 4 CDS is the way to query your Dynamics data using standard SQL queries, and even update, insert or delete records too.

Security Debugger

Helps you understand what permissions errors mean, what permissions are required and suggests ways to resolve the error.

PCF Usage Inspector

Identify which PCF controls you’re using where, if there are any fields where you haven’t selected the right control, or if any of them are deprecated.

Custom Action to API Converter

Automatically convert legacy Custom Actions to modern Custom APIs.

Merge Permissions

Generate security roles with all the permissions you need to merge records successfully.


D365 Posts Bot

Get notifications in Teams for any posts in Dynamics that are relevant to you, and even reply directly from Teams.

If you find these tools useful you can help by contributing on GitHub – reporting bugs using the “Issues” tab or submitting code changes as a PR are both appreciated. You can also donate!